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Orient IFR-P603


Orient IFR-P603is a kind of high waterproof intumescent flame retardant. As compared toOrient IFR-P601/602, it shows higher retardancy, waterproof and dispersion abilities. The polypropylene resins containingOrient IFR-P603present superior resistance of migration and deposition. After boiled in hot water, the products still maintain the smooth surface and the 0.8 mmsized samples can pass the V-0 rate during UL94 test.

Product Index




Recommended dosage

*Notes: The above recommended dosage is not a product quality guarantee. Different equipments, techniques of production and prescriptions may lead to different loadings. Please refer to the actual parameters.





Points for attention

1)Orient IFR-P603decomposed at 270℃under nitrogen atmosphere. To avoid slightly foaming, the temperature of twin screw should be controlled lower than240℃. In addition, it does not need screen mesh and should keep vacuum during the extruding process.

2) Inorganic fillers such as CaCO3, Caron black, BaSO4and Mg(OH)2, will reduced the retardant properties.

3)For PP resins with high melting index and products lower than1.6 mm, these systems should be added anti-dripping agents to enhance the viscosity and to avoid melting dripping.

4) The introduction of polypropylene wax can enhance the glabrous property of the retardant PP products, but the recommended loading is 0.5% and the highest loading should be lower than 1%.

5) When the loadings of Orient IFR-P603 in PP resins with low melt index are 22%-26%, the products with1.6 mmthickness can pass the UL746 Ctest. When the loadings of Orient IFR-P603 in PP resins with low melt index are higher than 30%, the products with 0.8 mmthickness can pass the UL746 Ctest. For the high melt index PP resins, the products can also pass the UL746 Ctest with additional anti-dripping agents

Use and Storage

Orient IFR-P603 products are packaged up by aluminoplastic bags with 25±0.2 kgin each one. The products should be stored in ventilating and drying warehouse and should be dried for 2-4 hours under 90-110℃after a long time preservation.

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