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  UV cross-linking products
  Thermoplastic compounds
  Poly Vinyl Chloride compounds
  Black polyethylene compounds
  Shield compounds
  Peroxide cross-linking
  One-step silane crosslinking
  Color Masterbatch
  Intumescent flame retardant
  Other polymer products
Cable Material Divi.
Flame Retardant Material Divi.
UV Cross-linking Equipment Divi.
UV-irradiation cross-l..
UV-irradiation cross-l..
UCT equipment
Halogen-free, low smo..
PVC insulation compo..
PVC sheath compounds
Flame retardant PVC..
Hardy PVC compounds
PVC thermoplastic el..
Black polyethylene com..
Thermoplastic and cros..
Peroxide cross-linking ..
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